Saturday, February 14, 2009

Somewhere Along the Highway...

Will America ever really, truly change? Will the sycophantic notions of disconnected observance ever be eradicated? They permeate everything. We are just the voyeurs that have sat down in front of death for decades. And even optimism is the same disingenuous, disconnected apathy.

I take politics too seriously, I guess, because I actually want things to change. Everyone would rather talk about a plane crashing into a house, and stare at photos of gigantic infernos, and gossip about tragedies. The American psychology, I thought, was broken recently. Now, I'm starting to think it was always broken.

Where is the outrage that lasts longer than a few weeks? Where is the purpose that doesn't lose itself to any leading emptiness? Where is the iron fist to bust through all the lies that our country has become?

I think it will take much more violence, despair, suffering and slavery for anything to really change. I do not have faith in the Modern American Way. We are still empty relativists, we are still ignorant, wide-eyed watchers; we are still infantile. We are still the consumers of information, and have never learned to produce our own.

The most realistic vision that I can contemplate is that we will be passed by, phased out by the rest of the world. We will lapse from our own complacency, and become a footnote on a failed concept.

America was supposed to be the Grand Experiment; a beacon of free life. We can't even protest without being arrested, or have personal liberty, or have justice dealt to the multitudes that destroy our systems of government and currency. It's pathetic.

As horrendous as it will ever get, as horrendous as I can imagine it will get, I would rather see the country descend into chaotic fervor, into violent misery than watch it go on any longer as a walking corpse; a walking, optimistic, relativistic corpse.

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