Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our skin worn thin
Our bones exposed
Life reduced to ticks

From forest caves
and azure skies,
we crashed upon this earth...
The years, they passed,
and so did we;
but resistance would be brought...

Always object;
never subject

Can you see us?  Are we there?
Are we there?
Can you see me?  We are watching
We are watching
You are fading
in the daylight,

Always upon you, light never ceases
Lost from yourself, light never ceases
Thousands of eyes, gaze never ceases
Light is upon you, life in you ceases

Through fiction, we saw the birth
of futures yet to come
Yet, in fiction lay the bones,
ugly in their nakedness

Yet, under this mortal sun,
we cannot hide ourselves

Those eyes and tower have seeped into our open veins

Uncoiled was its strength
and our souls en masse
poured down in sheets of rain,
and dissolved 'neath their feet

Spiraling further down,
our wills dissolve 'neath their feet!

Rise in the morning air;
greeted by cinders of the dead

Syndic calls your name;
show your thinned face at the window

Is this the next last day?
Prepare to be carried by the crows!
Heavy hand upon the land;
feel its weight inside you...

Magistrates dream of plague;
tongues loll in anticipation
You are awake in their darker visions
Drool slips from grinning mouths

The plague is forced on us all
Is it there?
Are they there?
Shouts of fact abound,
but whispers of truth burn through...

Is it there?
Are they there?
Is it there?
Are they there?

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