Saturday, July 11, 2009

(dog attack)

I'm afraid of never being able to create the life that I think I can for myself. I want to create, at the very least, the kind of comfort and pleasure that comes in being able to proud of yourself, in a very basic sense.

The reign of ignorance, religiosity and fear completely inundates my life. The delicate interpersonal folds that become frayed with time and so hard to keep steady... completely inundate my life. Everything is flooding me.

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  1. the interpersonal folds that bind you to me are not delicate. they are frayed with time and distance; but the line is holding. i will be here.
    i know you overwhelmed and flooded-- and i know it is more than me that is making you feel that way-- but for my part, i just want to say i am here and i will listen.