Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I'm almost finished with my fifth album, and listening from my first up until my most recent project definitely shows that I've gotten a lot better at both playing and mixing. But, regardless of that, they are very contiguous, because they are all parts of the same organism (to me, at least).

The dichotomy in music has always been just that: a stark divergence. There is honest music, and there is self-serving music. Regardless of genre or instruments or style or tempo or anything else, these are the only real categories to me.

There aren't many people who have not told me where and how I should improve, or simply that I'm in the process of getting better. But that doesn't register with me. I don't make music to get better or to find an end point. That is what makes music worthless.

Even my most amateur stuff reveals to me a part of my personality in a visceral way. I don't know if other people can see this, or if it's just my own delusional self-confidence in the matter, but I think it's really there. It is all created only to further my exploration of my own mind and soul.

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