Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Rescue

When it comes to pure logic, there seems to be the tendency to separate from the organic aspects of life, as if the logic itself rips apart natural, rhythmic development.  Binary trumps cell division; life is replaced by cause and effect, and thus, inner condescension and abhorrance.

People always want to feel as though they've got everything figured out.  And, since we thrive on the intentional stance, we always think we do have it all figured out, at least to a certain degree, even if our lack of knowledge is itself our reason.  Fear lets people hide from any real truth, while reassuring them through ignorance.  Understanding comes in waves of discontent and misanthropy.  And, at the end, everyone seems to go back to whatever comforts them, disregarding anything contrary or not a corollary.  The organism only seeks to strengthen itself and its intentions.

When logic is embraced, it is with the same ignorance.  People feel as though they can disregard the organic and shout down at it through a prism of objectivity and detatchment, as if the two are inseparable.  Objectivity itself is somehow grouped with apathy or disdain in the Human mind, as if looking beyond Nature leaves the physical personality of the world behind.  This is our failing.

When people as a whole can learn to see with both the objective and the stoic eyes, putting aside all of the reasons they hate themselves for seeing the truth, and seeing beyond everything that is wrong inside of them, then the world will really move forward.  Until then, everything else is tertiary.  To me, it's all pointless with psychological steps forward, and as tangible as that will always be displayed, it will never be real until it is accepted in the individual's own mind.  Our entire civilization is pointless until both logical and organic thinking are accepted as one.

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