Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Something about being on the bottom of society makes people feel so inadequate that their default interactions with others is to look pissed off and always challenge everything in an ego-centric way.  Bitch about your job constantly, bitch about other people, bitch about how you are getting the short straw over and over again.  They desperately want people to think they don’t give a shit.  But I am the true face of someone who doesn’t give a shit, and it’s not glamorous at all.  It is the most misunderstood kind of person, and I never take the time to impose my ego on others or explain my views ad nausea.

But it feels good to move through with that kind of apathy, because it lets you get rid of all the ego that makes daily life such a chore.  If only my entire body wasn’t sore from the past two weeks….

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