Sunday, February 12, 2012

Canaries sing themselves out, way too hoarse
Their wings move as if choreographed
They are just acting each other – the missing, the imagined
They are only singing about how much more yearning they can hold

Mirrors reflect ourselves, way too clearly
The stares, directed another way, are cuddling together
They are just pitying each other – the reflections on the mirror
They are only pretending as if they are going around something

Next comes the lies, pieces of you, falling into place
Again you are used, made to feel you’ve found it out
You are for ever made to watch the same scene
At the same place, over and over: missing pieces
And you know you’ll never find them: missing pieces

-All the Missing passing me by
”At least I would like to stop them.”
”I am lonely… Ah.”

-Chasing its back
”I would like to keep holding this ‘should be’ there.”

The scene has already faded away
Now it’s time you stopped crying: missing pieces

Already faded away
Stop crying, stop crying
Missing pieces

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